Divorce CE

CDFA continuing education credits are available now in 2024.


Gain a new certification credential as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.

As a CDFA®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, you can gain another essential regulated professional certification credential to help divorcing clients. The CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certification gives you the missing skills in dispute resolution. A growing number of attorneys and therapists are recognizing these certifications as essential to the divorce process. Some Family Law firms are hiring a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® on staff. Other Family Law firms are partnering with CDC® divorce coaches.

CDC® divorce coaches are accredited. The International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the standards setting body for what is coaching the world, accredits the CDC® training as coach core competency training. The CDC Board of Standards® is the accreditation body setting the professional and certification regulation standards for what is professional divorce coaching in the world.

This training is definitely divorce-related. The ABA has Divorce Coaching listed on their website as a dispute resolution process.

If you are interested in pursuing this certification, schedule a Q&A call with us.

Consider adding this certification to your divorce expertise and value to clients and other dispute resolution professionals. Everybody appreciates and benefits from this divorce coaching dispute resolution process: clients, lawyers, therapists, mediators, and judges, and others.

The largest group of our trained and certified practitioners is Family Law attorneys. The second largest group of our trained and certified practitioners is Ph.D. clinical psychologists and therapists of various description.


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